Easiest Way to Get Rid of Concrete and Tiles

Easiest Way to Get Rid of Concrete and Tiles

Skip bins are proven to be the best when it comes to eliminating roof tiles and concrete. Their use is very beneficial especially when your roof is under renovation. Many professional roofers out there are using a skip bin in terms of eliminating a roof, and it will be a great reason why you must do the same thing.  Roof tiles are available in two different types: concrete and clay. Concrete and clay tiles are both heavy materials. Thus, selecting the correct type of skip bin can really help you save more money.

Get the Garbage Type Properly

Roof tiles are usually a heavy waste because they weigh approximately one tonne per cubic meter. These tiles are made of masonry or concrete. When the roof tiles are brought to landfill as a general heavy garbage, you’ll pay a garbage charge on your disposal and transfer costs. This is a policy implemented in many countries all over the world.

A much better way of disposing of used roof tiles will be to recycle them. Therefore, you must search for a bin intended for concrete, masonry, concrete, and brick as it would be more affordable. The skip bin service provider will not be held responsible for paying a waste levy when the roof tiles are to be recycled.

What Bin Size to Choose?

One of the things you need to ponder on is how big the skip you should use. This is not something hard to deal with. You have 2 easy methods to compute the size of skip you need. One depends on the roof’s area and the other method is based on how many tiles you have for disposal.

To compute the solid number of masonry or concrete material, you need to find out or estimate how thick the tiles are. It differs slightly to the dimension c) the deepness off you tiles, because it is only the material’s thickness. Usually, c) is approximately 65mm wherein the tiles are just about 15 up to 20 mm in thickness.

Book for a Skip Hire Ahead of Time

Usually, when you got a big task to complete, such as roof replacement, the last thing you think about is to get the skip hire organised so that you could dispose of used roof tiling. But, you should never do this. Instead, you should give time to make it one of your priorities. When you are ready for roof renovation or replacement, make sure that you already have a skip that will accommodate all your waste materials.

When you hire a skip, no one else but only you will take charge of putting in it the used materials. The skip will be delivered to your site and it will be picked up at the right time. Your skip will be scheduled for pick up and this will depend on the agreement between you and the skip hire company. To get everything smooth, be sure that you work with a dependable skip hire company in your area. You can ask for recommendations from your friends.



Author: Aidin