How to Get the Most Value When Renting a Skip in London

How to Get the Most Value When Renting a Skip in London

Is it your first time to rent a skip? Whether you need to use a small skip for cleaning your office or a big one for your construction site, be sure that you will never forget checking these helpful tips to renting a skip in London. These helpful tips will make the process fast, convenient and hassle-free.

Start taking notes and read carefully the following:

  1. Estimate your garbage. Do not waste your cash on the huge builders skip when a small skip is already enough for the job. Before you hire a skip, don’t forget to check how many garbage you have and pick only the most suitable size for your skip. This way, you save money while you get your garbage properly disposed and ready for pickup.
  2. Find out the required access and make sure that the skip is positioned at the right place. A lot of people do not realise it, but expenses caused by damage are usually at the hirer’s risk depending on the industry standards and policies. Thus, make sure that the area where you want to place the skip is sturdy enough to carry the weight. Skip hire can be costly when the skip is placed in an area that cannot accommodate the weight of it. Doing it will cause your driveway to descend. The access should not be narrow for the skip to prevent damage to the gate and walls.
  3. Find out when you need to seek a permit from the local government. The use of skips is governed by some policies and regulations from the local authority. Do not forget to check when a permit is needed if you want to use a skip. Usually, if the skip is planned to be positioned on a public place or street, you would need a skip bin hire permit and other relevant documents.
  4. Break down huge waste into smaller items. You get a better value for your money with hiring a skip if you break down your waste. For instance, a used wardrobe from a home clearance would take less space in the skip when dismantled & sawn in half across those tallest parts.
  5. Do not overfill the skip bins. When the skip bin arrives, make certain that you do not fill it excessively. When the skip is extremely heavy, taking it will not be easy. Overfilling the skip bin could be dangerous. It is also illegal.
  6. Never hesitate to ask for guidance. When there’s anything that bothers you when it comes to using a skip, don’t hesitate to ask for guidance from the skip hire company. They certainly know everything about skip hire and they will give their best to aid you.

When renting a skip in London, make the most of your money by looking for the most dependable skip hire company to deal with. You just need to spend time and exert effort to find out where you should go and ask for help. These tips and pieces of advice when followed will let you make the most of your money when you hire a skip today.


Author: Aidin