How to Find a Reliable Skip for Hire Company in Enfield

How to Find a Reliable Skip for Hire Company in Enfield

You have chosen to rent a skip instead of rubbish removal services. Whether you are a builder or a homeowner who looks for the best rubbish disposal system, you will never go wrong with skip hire. Hiring a skip offers a multitude of advantages. First, it is a healthier and safer way of disposing of waste. Second, it is cheap and helps you to save time.

Though the procedure of skip hire is straightforward, there are some things that you may overlook. The following are tips on how you can find a dependable company:

Skip Bin’s Drop-off

A skip bin is much bigger compared to regular waste cans. It comes in various sizes and it’s transported on a special vehicle. Find out whether the company comes with trucks to complement the size of your bin. Some skip hire companies out there use bigger trucks for delivering smaller bins. These vehicles may not fit in the driveway or street. When there is either a narrower road or smaller driveway, be sure that you discuss with the company this matter. Talk to them about the delivery truck prior to booking a skip bin. The same thing applies to builders.

Rubbish Removal

The skip hire company you hire must be the one that can pick up the waste on the specified date. When your waste is left lying around for several days to a week, expect that you will be charged with penalties due to illegal dumping. Furthermore, when you have filled the skip bin with harmful waste, the health of your neighbours and tradespeople will be in danger.

You should find out if the company provides removal services and make certain that they are prompt. Likewise, ask if they are accepting hazardous waste. A few companies out there may ask for a special booking intended for removing toxic materials. Be sure that you understand the policies and regulations before you complete your booking.

Ask How Waste Disposal is Done

Some skip hire companies might dump the waste in a destructive way for the environment to cut the cost and save money. This waste will pile up in the landfills. Some waste such as the plastic bottles lasts for more than 400 years before they break down. When you are a builder who knocks down an old, damaged home, you should be more careful particularly when handling asbestos. This bin can’t be dumped in a skip bin. Asbestos disposal requires the assistance of a specialist rubbish disposal service. You must not forget to ask whether a company can do it or eager to manage the job for you.

Operation Hours

You should find out whether the skip hire company you’re planning to use offers drop-off and pick-up services on weekends. Will they ask for an extra charge if they do? This is one of your concerns as a customer.

Find out if they’re also eager to accommodate the last-minute fees to your booking. If you feel that you may require another skip bin, in the end, search for a skip hire company that answer your request. A reputable company uses software for the management of the availability of their skip bins. Keep it in mind when selecting a skip hire company.


Author: Aidin